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Why is it Important to Use Social Media?

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These days, we all seem to be in a love/hate relationship with social media. We either spend too much time on it, are trying to avoid using it or just downright have no idea what to do with it!

There are many arguments as to the negative effects of social media – the most prominent argument made by Essena O’Neill, a popular Australian Instagram celebrity who has recently created a dusty cyber storm of opinions after quitting social media, saying “Social Media is a lie” (Click here to view the full story on the Daily Good).

But what about the benefits of Social Media?

We’ve listed some great reasons as to why small-to-medium sized business should use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

Build your brand without limitations

O’Neill built a network all SME businesses dream of – one that has no borders, grabs a lot of attention, doesn’t require too many staff members and (best of all) doesn’t break the bank. She created such a buzz that she was even paid to advertise products to her network.
With the right day-to-day strategy on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, paired with well designed advertisements, you can get your business known internationally.

Connect with and create new fans, clients and customers

One thing that O’Neill generated (even after boldly quitting social media) is a strong following. Before quitting social media, she had around 600,000 followers on outlets such as Instagram and YouTube. Her new website LetsBeGameChangers.com is essentially re-branding done right. She uses this now as a platform to speak out directly to fans, communicate her message, and share her visions and brand.
What can we learn from this? Advertising great content attracts fans. Make time to reach out to as many fans as possible by answering their posts, speaking directly to them through video and messages.


With all the buzz that she’s received for blasting Social Media, O’Neill has garnered a substantially bigger following. She leads them to her site, shares her opinions with them, answers questions and then she does what every business owner wants when advertising: conversions! In her case, she converts her followings to her mailing list.
Social Media is teeming with people who could become your next customer. Advertising creates a low cost opportunity to reach more people and convert them faster and without having to use too many resources.

With a positive outlook, your business CAN benefit from Social Media. Inspiration and examples (such as O’Neill’s Social Media empire) can guide you to building a great brand, advertising it online, and jump starting your business.

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