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Why is it so hard for small businesses to advertise on social media? (Part 3)

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We’ve gone over why it’s so hard for small businesses to advertise on social media, and we showed examples of some of the platforms that try to be a solution when the truth is there is only one solution to this huge problem…the RoboAgency.

A RoboAgency is a platform that automatically creates, targets and optimizes digital ads and then disseminates them across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

When using a RoboAgency customers don’t have to worry about getting their ad copy or images created first, they don’t need to worry about the targeting of their ads or have to spend time reading analytics trying to figure out how to optimize their ads.

The truth is people suck. Humans sleep, eat, take breaks, get sick and go on vacation. A RoboAgency on the other hand works around the clock consistently optimizing.

RoboAgencies are the future of digital advertising, with them the internet is being introduced to a whole new option that has never existed before, one that is undoubtedly disrupting the digital advertising industry.

By using a RoboAgency, entrepreneurs can focus on running their business while the platform handles their digital advertising resulting in higher revenue for the business. The RoboAgency is a one stop shop when it comes to advertising on social media, it is completely hands-off for the customer.

When small businesses grow they create more job opportunities which helps the overall economy…this is the goal of a RoboAgency…this is what they’re programmed to do.

Currently only one RoboAgency exists, the first of its kind proving that the future is now. We’ll talk about this more in part four of the series.



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