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Why is it so hard for small businesses to advertise on social media? (Part 2)

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What do you do if you want to get your brand in the faces of thousands of people but you don’t have a crazy budget to do so?

  1. Try DIY – doing it yourself  – GOOD LUCK!
  2. Hire an expensive ad agency  – Seems logical, no?
  3. Use an AdTech platform – What the HECK is that?

The best answer is “3”, but until now there has been issues on this front. Typically AdTech platforms were built for the experienced marketer, meaning they aren’t the most user friendly option for people new to social media advertising. Lets face it, if it’s not done for you, then it is useless. The fact is you are good at what it is you do, right? There is not enough time in a day to add this very intensive role to your resume.  

With that said here are your options. Choose what makes the most sense to you, and for your available time, and budget, and… well you get it. Read on…


A platform that creates and optimizes ads on Google, Bing, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. It’s user friendly if you’re familiar with advertising terminology and if you know who your target demographics are but if you don’t you may get easily confused by your options resulting in wasted time and money.

Screenshot 2016-03-28 13.08.55


Working solely with Facebook, AdEspresso optimizes FB ads and allows you to try multiple target audiences to see which perform best. The platform stores all of your media which is handy but what if you want to advertise on Twitter or Instagram as well? You’ll have to juggle multiple platforms in order to be reaching audiences on the three most popular social media platforms. Not the most practical option for a small business that is looking to acquire customers.

Screenshot 2016-03-28 14.35.01


This platform is for the experienced marketer that needs to manage multiple campaigns. Automate/Ads customers can sync accounts from Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and automate the campaigns to perform tasks like A/B testing, keyword sourcing and ad rotation. Rules have to be manually setup for each task, a basic example of a rule you might create would be : “if my cost per click decreases by 20% , increase my budget by 40%”. These rules require ongoing monitoring and testing. Before being able to manage campaigns on this platform users need to already have their ad creatives prepared and the knowledge on how to implement proper targeting based on key demographics – tasks that aren’t easy for small business owners who don’t have the budget to hire a marketing specialist or the knowledge to run campaigns on their own.  

Screenshot 2016-03-28 16.04.23

Awesome, right? Well not really as they won’t help the other 47mm small businesses on social media get on the platforms and be successful any easier. Each of the above options are good at what they do, but they aren’t practical options for SMBs that can’t spare the money or time on trial and error tactics. They don’t automatically create and optimize ads, they need targeting and they require social media advertising experience.

In the next post we’ll tell you about the solution to the problem that plagues SMBs and their social media advertising efforts, a solution that proves the future is now. Stay tuned.


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