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Why is it so hard for small businesses to advertise on social media? (Part 4)

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Last week we went over what a RoboAgency is so this week we’d like to tell you a bit more about how the one and only RoboAgency came to be.

Prior to needls and after ten years in the Internet marketing space its co-founders found that their clients were struggling with advertising when it came to social media, they looked for a solution like needls. only to find that one didn’t exist.

Being serial entrepreneurs who always look at the 1000 mile view, they saw an opportunity to create a platform that would help a largely underserved market.

One of the reasons needls. works so well and has such strong customer service is because the founders can relate to the problems and stresses that other SMB owners face on a daily basis.

There’s entrepreneurial passion behind the platform and an eagerness to help small businesses grow.

Needls. is a small startup doing big things in the AdTech industry by offering a service that can’t be found anywhere else. For the first time ever SMBs have an alternative to trial and error methods that take a toll on them.

The struggles and status quo options that SMBs are forced to deal with are the same across the globe which is why people from all over the world can use needls., it’s that simple.

Needls automatically creates, targets and optimizes digital ads, it does everything a traditional digital ad agency does plus more. Let’s dive a little deeper into each step…


After answering six simple questions about your business and providing a few photos needls. creates hundreds of ads for you. The ads are setup in the format that they would appear on the platforms that you select, so you can see exactly what they will look like.


Needls. determines the perfect target audience for these ads by monitoring social media conversations in real time. Using its proprietary intent engine, needls. identifies buying signals within posts, tweets and status updates. Needls. delivers advertisements directly to these individuals. As soon as they post they explicitly or implicitly suggest they have a need for a product or service. While great at finding explicit leads from monitoring posts, needls. specializes in finding implicit leads. The engine can find statuses that don’t include typical keywords that would normally lead to a purchase intent.  

An example of an explicit lead is if someone in NYC tweets, “I’m looking to renovate my kitchen, any good recos for a general contractor?” Needls. knows this person is looking for a contractor and any client of needls. that is a contractor in the NYC area will have their ad displayed to that user on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

An implicit lead is when the person’s post isn’t directly asking for something. For example, “Pipes burst overnight, great way to start my day,” is an implicit lead. Although they didn’t ask for it directly they are obviously in need of a plumber and any client of needls. that is a plumber in that area will have their ad displayed.


Using data science and machine learning coupled with over a hundred optimization methods that are constantly being reviewed, needls. offers its clients real time, automated optimization, something a normal agency can’t do. A RoboAgency never sleeps, never goes on lunch or takes vacations, it is always available to start new campaigns at any time of the day, working constantly. No other agency offers real time, automated optimization.

The result of the CTO process is highly effective advertising that drives qualified customers to your site allowing for the optimal chance of conversion.
With needls. SMB owners can focus on running their business while the platform takes care of their digital ads resulting in more business and fatter wallets! Who wouldn’t want that?!


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