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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I continue to have needls.ENGAGE running while I am not running an advertising campaign?

Of course! In between seasons or monthly budgets, this feature will nurture your new customers, community and leads.

What if you post an article I do not care for?

No problem! Simply go to your facebook and click the 'Delete Post" button. It will be removed instantly.

Can I choose which content is posted?

When activating the needls.ENGAGE feature, you'll be prompted to enter five keywords that you'd like your posts to contain. This allows us to scan the internet for relevant articles. In the event that a post does not meet your needs, you can simply delete the post on Facebook from your Facebook Page.

Please keep in mind that since we're using the keywords you enter to scan the internet for articles that contain those exact keywords, to choose keywords that reflect what your audience would be interested in. 

As an example, if you're in Garage Repair, entering keywords that focus on house and home care and maintenance would likely present better content than pulling content that contains the word Garage Door or Garage Maintenance. 

What is the maximum number of keywords and locations I can add?

Currently, there is a limit of five keywords and one location. That said, if we are unable to find high-quality content for the location provided, we supplement this with additional content from nearby areas.

Can I have content posted to multiple Facebook Business Pages?

Needls.ENGAGE allows you to choose one business page for us to publish content.

At any time, you can change what business page you wish to have the content to be posted to, as well as edit or update the keywords and locations.

Where does the content come from?

We curate content from over 4,500 news sources. These include local and national news outlets. Our goal is to not only find fresh news but news that your audience will find interesting and want to engage with.

What time of day will the content be posted?

The time of day varies as we analyze when you are getting the best engagement and continue to post during that window of time. For most, we see the highest engagement occurring in the evening hours.

How often does needls.ENGAGE post?

Needls will post one article for each of the days of the week you select. For example, if you select Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, there will be a total of 3 posts made per week. No matter how many days you choose, we will always deliver fresh engaging content.

Where can I see all the articles that have been posted on my behalf?

All past posts are listed on the right-hand side of the needls.ENGAGE page. The needls.ENGAGE page can be accessed from your right-hand menu by clicking the "ENGAGE" tab. 


How does needls decide which article to post?

Needls uses data science to analyze articles from over 4,500 sources to find the most relevant, fresh, and engaging content for your business. The analysis includes reviewing the number of shares and comments on Facebook as well as Linkedin and Google+.

We also look at the age of the article and the credibility of the news source, amongst other metrics to determine the ideal post. Once our system curates the best content, one of our highly skilled in-house content specialists reviews and then decide which article to post and write a catchy caption!

What is “needls. ENGAGE”?

needls.ENGAGE curates trending content that's relevant to your business.

We share this content on your Facebook Business Page, which can improve engagement and also lead to new customers and followers! An active Facebook Business Page adds credibility to your business and shows prospective customers that you are on top of the latest news and trends in your industry. But, in addition to adding credibility, this aids in needls' efforts to drive incredibly targeted and high converting traffic to your business. A by-product of this vital service is furthering organic reach, sales and the ability to nurture your existing following. As they say, "It's cheaper to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new one."

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