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No BS Guide to Digital Marketing

7 Chapters

As a business owner, it can feel like someone is always trying to sell you some new digital marketing service. They come in swinging with all the acronyms – KPI, CPA, PPC, CRM. They claim expertise, though you’re not quite sure where it comes from. Some are for real. Some are definitely not. But as a business owner, how can you tell the difference? What is it really worth spending money on? Is there a cheaper/easier/better way?
After years and years of trudging through the digital marketing world, we’ve seen it all. That means we know how businesses with modest budgets are killin’ it online…and what digital marketing methods are all talk. In this guide, we cut the BS and let you know how to really get ROI from your digital marketing efforts without breaking the bank.
Chapter 1: Free Ways to Market Your Business Online
Laying the groundwork for your digital marketing system – setting up your accounts, getting that first bit of brand recognition, and making sure people can find you – doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, most of it can be done without opening your wallet at all!
In Chapter 1, we’ll introduce you to social media profiles, directory listings, and email marketing tactics that you can use to get started with digital marketing at no cost.
Chapter 2: Get Your Strategy On: 4 Questions You NEED to Answer Before Jumping into Digital Marketing
Getting your marketing plan ready involves taking a serious look at your true goals and customer needs.
In Chapter 2, we help you lay the groundwork. Learn how to define your marketing budget, understanding your competitors online, and create a killer elevator pitch.
Chapter 3: Do I really need a website?
For most businesses, a website acts as a digital business card. But is it really necessary for everyone to have one?
In Chapter 3, we help you decide whether you really need a website and walk you through the budget-friendly options for developing your online presence.
Chapter 4: Do I really need social media?
Let’s get real – you don’t need to be on every social channel to build an awesome marketing strategy.
In Chapter 4, we introduce you to the pros and cons of the many social media channels available and help you pick the best ones for your biz (and your budget).
Chapter 5: Do I really need Google Adwords?
Google Adwords is one of the most hyped digital marketing options, but hefty agency fees and technical quirks can get in the way of success for many businesses.
In Chapter 5, we demystify Google Adwords and give you a “No BS” rundown of what it is, how much it costs, and whether you should take the plunge.
Chapter 6: Should I hire an Employee, Freelancer, or Agency?
It’s tough to keep tabs on your social media presence when you’re busy helping new customers and running your business. When it comes time to hire help, what’s the best method?
In Chapter 6, we break down the differences between employees, freelancers, and agencies. Plus, we give you a peek at how automation can lighten your workload!
Chapter 7: How can I measure success?
With so many different metrics and advertising avenues, it can sometimes be hard to know which of your efforts are having the biggest impact on sales.
In Chapter 7, we help you ask the right questions and collect the right data to prepare for, measure, and adjust your digital marketing campaigns.
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